GTF was established in 2010 to provide online skills training and career transitions services to those most in need, including wounded warriors.  Since then we have had the privilege to work with over 100 combat veterans (and others in need) and their spouses. We quickly realized that for individuals in economically depressed areas, for some with physical or mental disabilities, working outside the home is not an option.  Our micro-entrepreneurship program was built for these individuals, and it has been adapted for aspiring entrepreneurs in developing nations.  It is designed to help establish a small (usually home-based) business from which people can derive some income, establish realistic goals, and have hope for the future.

  • Planning and Execution– For micro-entrepreneurs, planning a business is as simple as thinking through marketing materials and determining basic feasibility.
  • Internet Technologies– A website is a critical element of any marketing plan.  It is essential to keeping your service offerings clear and concise in the mind of your target market. We teach participants how to build websites in WordPress a (free) open source program.  This is a skill that can be directly transferred into real income as well. GTF provides the funds for an initial URL (if necessary).
  • Marketing and Sales– This is simple, grass roots marketing that can be accomplished with little or no budget (including social media marketing).
  • Growing out of Profits– While we typically do not serve those who are highly qualified for a business loan, we do provide skills that will help grow the business. There are no limits.