Course Overview 

It all starts with a great idea. You might want to fill a void for a service in your community. You may have an idea for the next best piece of furniture or line of pottery. Perhaps you have a consulting service to offer that will create a stream of steady income. You have a special skill or a love of something that you want to explore further in hopes that it might generate revenue. People often start micro-businesses at home in response to either needing extra income, or wanting to create a business out of a passion. No matter your motivation, your vision is not enough. You need to bring value to the marketplace. This involves articulating what you will sell, how you will collect money, and whether it will be worth the time and effort to create the business offering. This course contains the basics of getting a small business off the ground. You will not write a business plan or attempt to gain a loan. You will set up a website and start collecting money.


  • Evaluate whether your idea is feasible, profitable, and marketable
  • Select an identity for your business
  • Flesh out the basic elements of your value proposition
  • Explore the nuts and bolts of starting a legal business
    • Establish a business entity
    • Become licensed
    • Learn Specific Requirements – Zoning – Insurance – Certifications
    • Open a bank account
  • Plan your future as a business owner
  • Launch and grow your business