Boomer Side-Hustle

If you are retiring but don’t know how to stay busy and occupied, consider opening a side business – for fulfillment and even a bit of cash. Micro-entrepreneurship is about doing something you love and transitioning it into a small business. You may be a retired businessperson interested in continuing a part-time consulting practice. You may have a gift for pottery or cooking. Perhaps travelling and photography are your retirement passion No matter what you are doing in retirement, chances are good that you will be able to make some side cash – and maybe a difference.

Whether you are continuing your career on a part time basis, or looking forward to doing something new and interesting, opening a business will give you purpose. It takes motivation and commitment which helps keep us busy and sharp in our later years. You have lots to give the world, and now may be just the perfect time to launch something that will have an impact on the community of change lives on a larger scale.  You may want to start a business that enables you to spend time with your family or friends. The ideas are unlimited.

Some Boomers are giving back and might want to make it formal. Starting a non-profit foundation takes the same skills as becoming a micro-entrepreneur – along with a bunch of IRS paperwork. But if you have a passion that might make a non-profit work, now is the time to consider using your retirement for a greater good. We can help you get started.