Southern Exposure

“Like lots of other micro-entrepenuers I started taking pictures as a hobby. I got a lot of good exposure from my Instagram account. I was able to put together a business plan and invest in the equipment to take my work to the next level.”

Ragdoll Catery

“I got my cat about ten years ago and I was surprised by just how expensive she was. I bred her and got a reputation for having beautiful kittens. Now all my expenses on shots and vet bills are written off on my taxes. I love having kittens in the house.”

Med Sec

” I’m a nurse and I like my job, but it’s just a job. A noticed that a lot of time was spent doing data entry. I brushed up on my typing and offered to transcribe medical notes from audio clips. I do it on the side but It’s mine and that’s what matters.”

JP Construction

“I’m a computer guy by education and trade, but I never really enjoyed it. I was renovating my place and I did a good job. A buddy of mine asked me to help him out so I did. I wanted to do it right so I started billing and claiming my expenses and realized how much more there was to learn.”