Micro-Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries


If you are reading this please be thankful that you are literate, and have some sort of education. We are guessing that you probably also know instinctively what Micro-Entrepreneurship is and why it is important in developing countries. Reports indicate that there are over 115 million men and women (mostly women) in developing nations that are receiving micro-funding to start a business with very little knowledge on the fundamentals of how to run a successful small business. They are just making goods and providing services to make ends meet and to take care of their families. This program is designed to provide a business foundation for these individuals – to the extent that we can reach them.

In developing countries the Internet is not always reliable, but many Micro-Entrepreneurs have cell phones, so we have developed the course so the important information can be accessed from a phone. We also made arrangements to present videos whenever possible that illustrate the important aspects of running a small business. The important thing to take away from this discussion about small business owners in developing countries, is that the principles remain the same. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you still need to reach your customers, provide value and serve them well. You need to understand how to generate revenue and make a profit, manage money and grow your business.

Micro-funds are available from a variety of sources, and we encourage you to become a micro-funder. It is interesting and rewarding. We also encourage you to provide a scholarship for a deserving person in Haiti or Belize who wants to start a small business. Internet access in both of these countries is sketchy at best, but it does exist. And online learning is a great way to reach individuals in these countries. If you take our course, and become successful, you may want to mentor a new business owner in one of these countries. If you are interested in this project, please let us know.