Earning Money While You Sleep

Two of our new Micro-Entrepreneurs are interested in taking their knowledge and providing training – online – in an on-demand format. Of course, we love this because – at Global Training Foundation this is what we do. But it is interesting that both of these individuals have all the content planned out and they are already forming a marketing plan.  The actual construction of a course that has value is a different subject altogether, and one that is spurring us on to build a new course “eLearning for Revenue – How to Get Started”. On online course needs to be produced like any other product. Building an online course is like writing a good book and takes just as much work! It is packed full of great information and presented in an interactive format.

Anyone can pick up a book and do something. In fact, most skills these days can be learned for free over the Internet. For someone that has the time and motivation there is information available to get you started and on your way to a new hobby, business or renovation project. However, an online course, actually leads you through the project and guarantees your outcomes (if you stick with the course). Whatever the “learning objectives” are for your course, the outcome should be proven at the end. There should also be some evidence of these outcomes as well. So if making money while you sleep is a goal, putting together an interactive online course is a great idea, but it will require some work.

In addition to building an online, on-demand course, what are some other ideas that will potentially make you money while you sleep? Here are some answers:

  • Anything that can be downloaded. WooCommerce has an automatic download feature that will release a software, book or application download immediately after payment. Slick!
  • Books and other publications.
  • Affiliation programs – if there is traffic to your website.
  • Any other ideas?

We will see if we can get a twitter feed going #makemoneywhileyousleep

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