Course Overview 

The one common denominator among successful entrepreneurs is determination and motivation. There is no perfect background, educational level, or years of experience. It takes grit. The will to persevere is what gets you from start up to success. But how to you remain motivated when today is overwhelming? What steps do you take to make today a real asset to for your future? Most importantly, how to we stay on track when things get hectic? What happens when we are overwhelmed by becoming a business owner (in addition to everything else)? Well, the answer is MOTIVATION. And the best way to remain motivated it to have a plan and work it. Every day. Welcome to the most important course in the series – Goal Setting and Motivation for the Entrepreneur.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between motivation for basic life roles and for the entrepreneur.
  • Establish a personal value structure and mission statement.
  • Evaluate the various roles in your life and how the role of ‘business owner’ will change your roles.
  • Set long, medium, and short-term goals.
  • Evaluate your priorities.
  • Master the power of time management.
  • Organize the resources you have and remove clutter from your life.
  • Create a basic personal budget to ensure your business expenses are in check.