Shopping Carts are More Important Than Ever

For anyone reading this – I certainly wish I could start at the beginning, but I just hooked up social media to the new website yesterday, after building the site in WordPress (which was new for me because my previous sites were in Joomla!). I have more new micro-companies coming on board next month, and three more in the works right now, so there will be plenty of blog material concerning what has been going on in the last few weeks – but yesterday was “shopping cart day”. (Think of shark attack music here).

Because the new sites (all of them) will be set up in WordPress, I figured it would be good to learn to set up WooCommerce. It is free and works “great” with WP. In truth, I really don’t even need a shopping cart for a handful of training programs, and a PayPal button has always been just fine for donations to Global Training Foundation. My consulting company takes checks. But NO! This adventure is all about starting a new company in 4 weeks, and we don’t want to skimp on the shopping cart just to prove we can get a company running in record time.

You certainly don’t want a minute-by minute account of this project. If you want to waste a ton of time, start Googling “product pictures”, “cart not showing up”, “cart not advancing” along with “WooCommerce” and you can waste time looking for answers like I did yesterday. I reloaded themes, set up subdomains, adventured into CSS – where I should not have to go. Frustrated and stressed out, I set up new domains and tried Magento, Prestashop, ad Zencart before trying OpenCart. The only feature us micro-entrepreneurs need is the ability to set something up ourselves and keep it running smoothly without hiring someone to do it. OpenCart fit the bill. At about 1am, I got the trial and workshop training set up – all this for two products and ONE IS FREE!

Today and until the soft launch on April 1 (no kidding), I am focusing on the product – finalizing the content for the course and setting it up in the learning center at a rate of one module per day. I plan to open the workshop for viewing and testing by anyone who will provide constructive feedback.

I am going to write another short piece about the perils of working from home – while working for yourself.

Cheers! – Salut! – Viva! – Slainte! – Prost!

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