The Basic Plan

You may already be a Micro-Entrepreneur and just don’t know it. Or maybe you need to make some money doing what you have been doing as a hobby. You may have a great idea and want to test it out. Perhaps you have a love of something and you want to try to make a living at it. Whatever your motivation for becoming a Micro-Entrepreneur, you will need one ingredient – without which you will not be successful. Motivation. Starting a business is easy. Ideas are a dime a dozen. It is pulling them off that counts. It will not happen overnight and you will probably not get rich working for yourself a micro-entrepreneur. However, like winning the lottery you have to play first. Unlike the lottery, however, you have the ability to make something big of your company in the long run. Micro-Entrepreneurship is about betting the cash in your pocket on yourself, your abilities, your passion, your love of what you do, and your ability to make your dreams come true.

At Global Training Foundation, we will train you to start a micro-business and set up a website that contains a value proposition that should get people interested in you and your product or service. We cannot, however, fill your orders, service your customers, market your business, or keep your books. These activities and many more will fall squarely on your shoulders. As a Micro-Entrepreneur, you will be doing it all – at least at first, and you need a good foundation on all aspects of running a small business to become successful.

The certificates you earn from Global Training Foundation only mean that you completed a rigorous program that contains all the basics of Micro-Entrepreneurship, and what it takes to become successful. It is designed to help you obtain micro-funding if you need it – but chances are you won’t. The curriculum in the Micro-Entrepreneurship course is simple and straightforward, and it builds upon itself so you can complete what you start without running all over the place figuring out what to do next. We encourage you to take the first Module which contains an overview of the entire course and what will be required. If you still think you have what it takes, we want to hear about your new business and help you get started.  Here is the link to register.